Please Call to Schedule a Consultation to determine the best coating for you!

Below is the pricing for the application of Coatings Only. This does not include the cost of any detail/correction services.

*A Non-Refundable or Non-Transferable Deposit is Required*

Gyeon Cancoat Pro.png

Gyeon CanCoat Pro

Durability: 1 Year (With Proper Maintenance)

(Certified Professional Only Coating)

Great Entry Level Coating that will provide protection and gloss to your paint.

Price Starting at: $200

gyeon flash.png

Price Starting at: $850

Mohs plus.png

Price Starting at: $1050


Wheels Faces = $300

Wheels off Service = $500

(Wheels Removed, Washed/Decontaminted, Prepped, Coated, Calipers Cleaned/Coated (If applicable), Wheels placed back on and Torque to factory spec.)