Maintenance Wash Services

"Mini" Detail

This service is for those who have received a detail service from us and are looking to have their vehicle on a maintenance plan to have it properly maintained . We can perform this service Weekly, Bi-Weekly, or Monthly. We will perform a "Mini" Detail Service to keep your ride looking crisp and feeling fresh!
Time Invested = Approx 1.5 - 2 Hours



- Proper 3 Bucket Hand Wash using a PH Balanced Soap
- Tires Properly Degreased & Conditioned
- Wheels Cleaned/Decontaminated with PH Balanced Cleaner
- Blow Dry Cracks/Crevices
Hand Dry with a Plush Microfiber Towel and Drying Aid
- Glass & Mirrors Cleaned
- Door Jambs Wiped



- Interior Vacuum 

- Air Purge Vents/Cracks/Crevices to remove dust

- Interior Wipe Down 

- Interior Glass & Mirrors Cleaned

- Air Deodorizer/Freshener Applied

**Additional Fee for Excessive Pet Hair Removal**


Price Starting at:

Cars - $60

SUV/Truck- $75

Large Trucks & Full Size SUV - $100

**Paint Decontamination/ Protection Booster -$25**